Digital Packaging Solution
    for Semiconductor Circuit Board

    Precise spray control, as efficient as printing
    which brings new ideas for PCBA packaging protection

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Process Flow

Plate delivery
PCBA Digital packaging

No need masking tape

No need masking glue

Thin layer coating
general protection

Thick layer coating
high-grade protection

Fence + filling
with same UV glue

Separate fence
fill with any glue

  • The protection area is 10*10mm

    glue can be saved at least 1/3

  • Auxiliary process

    no need to masking, no need wait for curing

  • 60 μm thickness is required

    accuracy and thickness can be guaranteed

  • Environmental

    no solvent volatilization and no need special protection

  • Production efficiency

    only need 10s, efficiency increased dozens of times

Time is money, especially for the busy SMT production line. Although PCBA protection is a later process, the efficiency and effectiveness directly affect the delivery cycle and yield of PCBA. This is especially true for mass and multi variety production lines. PCBA needs to be coated for many times in order to meet the protection requirements. If you want to get a thicker coating, the conformal coating needs to be obtained by applying two thinner coatings, and the second layer must be applied after the first layer is fully cured. It takes time to cure completely. The digital packaging process is different. UV-Led is cured with follow-up while spraying, and the second layer can be sprayed immediately with controllable thickness.

PCBA packaging protection is completed by a more accurate and simplified process, which does not need to wait for curing and occupy the curing site. This is especially true for a large number of circuit boards that need protection. "Some of these batches may occupy the workshop for several days, so it is very important to save a few minutes per board."

Choosing a reliable process is also an improvement to the quality of the product.


High precision nozzle driven by image software


Mark point recognition system


UV-Led follow curing device


Ink cartridge circulation system


Temperature control system


High reliable 4-axis motion platform

After the UV glue is sprayed, the UV-Led is follow up to solidified automatically,
and the 2nd layer can be sprayed immediately.
The thickness of the single layer is 25 microns,
and the stacking thickness of the layers is controllable.

No water pollution

No solvent evaporation

No need special protection

Low energy consumption

Green material

Environment friendly

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